Bear Site Ranking Booster – Smart Direct & SE Traffic Generator Nulled Free!

The application includes full browser emulation mechanism – so all scripts (including all analytics such as google analysts) will be executed on pages. The process of searching includes human-like typing of search engine requests – that feature makes the tool fully unique from another similar seo tools. You can configure input flow and see all processing in real-time.

There are three scenarios: “Ranking Booster” – when system calculates effective scenario of booster based on your site analytic to have good mixed real with generated site traffic; “Traffic Blast” – when you define how many traffic you want to have – just like another such application provided but with ability of visiting through search engines; “Manual” – manual configuration.

Multi-threading, setting up screen resolution, user agents, proxies, waiting intervals, target site link clicking and other configuration to unify resulting visitors fully supported.

Main screen

Features list

  • Full browser emulation
  • Full configuration of browser settings: screen resolution, user agent, proxy, intervals and other
  • Five types of search engines: Google, Bing, Baido, Yahoo, Yandex
  • Human-like typing
  • Calculation of effective booster settings based on site analytic for efficient mix your site real traffic with newly generated by application
  • Real-time results and statistic
  • Embedded proxy checker
  • Click links inside target sites (added v1.1)
  • Search engine custom domain setting (added v1.1)
  • Thee scenario types: Ranking Booster, Traffic Blast, Manual (added v1.2)
  • Multi-threading (added v1.2)
  • Traffic blast mode (added v1.2)
  • Direct traffic generation (wihout search engines) (added v1.2)
  • ‘Detect IP changing’ setting (added v1.2)


Human-like typing

Calculation of effective booster settings

Real-time results

Multithreading and showing real-time statistic on google analyst



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