How to Control Your Mouse Cursor With Your Keyboard !


Today i’m Going To Show You How to Control Your Mouse Cursor With the help of your keyboard. this is very easy to control your mouse cursor with your keyboard. If You don’t have mouse or your mouse is broken then you can control your computer With Keyboard. If you don’t know how to do then you can see video guide. Now follow Step by Step.


  1. Go to your Start Menu And Open Control Panel
  2. In The Control Panel Go To “Ease of Access”
  3. Now click “Change how your mouse works”
  4. Now Click on Set up Mouse Keys
  5. Now Tick the “Turn on Mouse keys” and “turn on mouse keys with leftALT+LeftShift+NUM LOCK”
  6. Now turn the pointer speed full
  7. Tick hold Down ctrl to speed up and shift to slow
  8. In Other setting turn It ON
  9. Click on Apply And Click on Ok You need to click ok again
  10. You can see a Mouse like Icon in system tray double click on it
  11. Control Panel Will Open And click ok
  12. Thats All You Can Control Your Cursor With hold ctrl +1 to 9 button

Video Guide

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