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Boost internet speed for multiple connections at the same period of time the BP Internet Optimizer a number of connections to improve the all over internet speed of the connections.Image result for Get BP Internet Optimizer Free!

The internet speed booster can improve DSL cable, optical fiber, mobile phone network, satellite, dial-up, LAN and WLAN connections sppeds. BP Internet Optimizer Maximum runs on Transmission Unit (MTU), Receive WINdow (RWIN), Time To Live (TTL), PMTU Black Hole Detect, PMTU Discovery, Selective Acknowledgement (SACK) and RFC 1323 options technology.

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Works With:

Windows XP  •  Windows Vista  •  Windows Vista 64 bit  •  Windows 7  •  Windows 7 64 bit  •  Windows 8  •  Windows 8 64 bit  •  Windows 10  •  Windows 10 64 bit  Windows XP 64 bit.

Download & Source:

BP Internet Optimizer


BP Internet Optimizer 1.0.2

Get BP Internet Optimizer Free

File Size: 1.16MB

Price: Free


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