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Filter by WOT is a simple and easy to use extension of chrome which lets you to choose your own rules to keep you away from the content that you do no want or your loved ones to see. With this amazing WOT filter you can choose which websites to trust and allow on your browser. You can use it for multiple purposes like to hide adult content, U.S. election news or even just to avoid spoiler for your favorite TV Shows.

Download Filter by WOT Extension CRX For Chrome Free

This is a customizable chrome application which can be mainly used as a

  • Porn Bocker
  • Online Gambling Blocker
  • Online Gaming Blocker
  • Other Adult Content Blocker



Blocked Sites
Any site that you want to block simply put into the list of blocked sites. You can even block a domain, a sub-domain or a specific page.
Keyword Scanner
Another great function where you can add any word to Keyword Scanner and Filter will automatically search for it, blocking any page on which it appears.
Trusted Sites
Any site you add to this list will always be trusted, even if it conflicts with Filter’s Keyword Scanner.

1. Block History
The filter can show you when and why a web page was blocked.

2. Password Protect
It gives you the ability to enable password protection to restrict changing settings or bypassing blocks.

3. Import & Export
Take your filter with you when you move with easy backup.

Extension Technical Info:

Version: 1.0.3
Size: 415KiB
Language: English

Developer: Privacy Policy

Get Filter by WOT Extension CRX For Chrome Free

File Size: 415KB

Price: Free


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